Doctors Note for Work and School

When it comes to getting time off from my job, being sick seems to be the only excuse that is acceptable to my boss. She will not just take an employee’s word regarding illness, either. She wants to see proof. That’s when a high quality fake doctors note template comes in handy.

I don’t go with just any fake doctors notes, either. My boss is a stickler for detail, and she would see through one of those poorly constructed free notes that float around online. I wouldn’t want to take a chance like that, because I do need to keep my job. My boss may be a pain, but I don’t want to risk my employment for a day off. So, I make sure that I only use a high quality doctors note when the situation warrants.

When do I use such a note to excuse my absence from work? I employ such excuses on those days when I am doing things such as taking time off for my mental health. Unfortunately, that is one of those things that my boss just would not understand. That may be due to the fact that she is the chief reason for my need for a mental health day.

Then, there are those times when I want to spend some time with my boyfriend. I know that sounds like a bad reason to take a day off work, but it actually is a very good reason. He is away a lot for his job as a truck driver, so our time together is very limited. When he is around, I want a chance to catch up with him. My boss just wouldn’t get that.

I wish that my boss were more understanding about the need for days off. However, until she becomes more understanding or I get a different job, there are high quality fake doctors excuse that help me to get the time off I need while protecting my position with my company. Now, that is a situation that works well for me and allows my boss to continue existing in her belief that I only take off for sickness.